Daily: 10am — 10pm

The 89th floor of the Federation Tower is home to Chistaya Liniya ice cream factory, which you have surely heard about.

At a height of 327 meters, you can see the whole production cycle and find out how your favorite cold treat is made. 5000 wafer cups are filled with ice cream on the conveyor here every day.

Every visitor will taste fresh and delicious ice cream directly from the conveyor! A visit to the factory is already included in the price of the ticket to the observation deck: you may visit us individually or with a group.

During your visit, you will not only see a fantastic panoramic view of the capital and the way sweet things are made, but you will also taste ice cream in a crispy wafer cup. The ticket price also includes an edutainment film, an opportunity to take your most memorable photos against the background of panoramic views of Moscow and in our original photo areas, as well as other nice bonuses.

Of course, you can show off to your friends that you’ve been eating the most delicious natural ice cream on the 89th floor of Moscow-City! Just don’t forget to take beautiful pictures.