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About the observation deck

Hi, guys! Today we’ve visited PANORAMA360! I’m so thrilled about the views – all Moscow is out in the open!
Cool! I have also been there with friends. Have taken plenty of pics, eaten ice cream and chocolate from the factory. I’ve never thought that it’s possible to launch production on the 89th floor of the skyscraper.
We’re going to attend it with my kids! By the way, what can be seen through the windows? I keep hearing about 6-meter windows and the elevator going up in 47 seconds without stops! But what can we see from there?
My wife and I have been able to see Ukraina Hotel, the Victory Park, the Kremlin, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and even Losiny Ostrov Park! We went there in winter and were so excited! We’re waiting for warm days to visit it again. It is a must-see in Moscow!

Entertainment areas

Deck plan
360° view
Panoramic view of Moscow from a height of 89th floor. Enjoy the view over the whole capital from every angle and get unforgettable impressions of all 360°!
The ice-cream factory
A unique opportunity to taste ice cream right off the conveyor!
Chocolate factory
Chocolate production from cocoa beans to sweets and hazelnuts in chocolate glaze at the highest factory in the world!
Virtual 3D exhibition
Download AR Moscow City app, point your device's camera at special marks applied on the observation deck and collect all Moscow-City towers!
360 Restaurant
European and author’s cuisine on the 89th floor. Taste unique dishes and incredible desserts from greatest chefs and confectioners!
Laser show
A vibrant laser show with immersion effect will tell you about Moscow history since its founding till present.
Ice Cream Museum
The Ice Cream Museum will get you acquainted with the history of the favorite delicacy. Learn interesting facts, production secrets and see unique exhibits from a private collection!
Souvenir shop
A souvenir is the best memory of your trip. See many designer presents to find the one that is right for you!

in numbers

The observation deck has an area of 1500 sq.m. – an area of two hockey rinks!
It means that every guest will have enough space for comfortable rest!
89th floor in height is like a tower of 77 giraffes!
“Giraffe is tall, it has a better view!” What about 77 giraffes? You will see all Moscow out in the open!
The windows are 6 meters tall, as if a family of four stood one on another!
You will see the entire panorama of the capital both in width and in height! Enormous windows allow enjoying infinite view of Moscow at any point.