Официальная смотровая площадка PANORAMA360 находится на 89 этаже Башни «Федерация.Восток». Билеты на смотровую площадку PANORAMA360 можно купить только на официальном сайте pnr360.ru, на сайтах партнеров и в кассе, расположенной в ТРЦ «Афимолл Сити». Не покупайте билеты с рук, не переводите денежные средства незнакомым людям! В связи с участившимися случаями недобросовестных лиц, выдающих себя за сотрудников смотровой площадки, просим вас проявить бдительность, чтобы не быть разочарованными их действиями.

Su-Th: 10am — 11pm
Fr-Sa: 10am — 12pm

Su-Wed: 10am — 11pm
Th-Sa: 10am — 12pm

Game of seals. The heat is close!


The event is included in the ticket price

How to survive the summer heat?  Go on an exciting journey with the Pure Line.
“Plombir game” is a sea of ice cream, great prizes and real summer adventures.

The promotion is held from June 1 to August 31, 2018 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Hurry to overcome the heat!

Eat ice cream and win!
Buy cups or horns Clean Line with a special mark about the action. Inside each promo ice cream you will find a promo code.
Check out the promo code on www.igraplombirov.ru to find out your prize.
Winning in every seventh package:

  • Delicious trip to the Kingdom of Cold (excursion to the ice cream factory in
  • A feast in the House of Sealings (trekking in a cafe Territory of ice cream for the
    amount of 500 rubles. at the address Moscow, Tverskaya 5/6).
  • Ascent to the Tower of the Eskimo (visiting the observation deck Panorama 360 in
    Moscow City).
  • Trekking to the Dairy Lands (excursion to the eco-farm Chistaya Liniya in the village of Klusovo Moscow region).
  • E-book to choose from a special collection of liters

Residents of St. Petersburg can replace a visit to a factory, cafes, farms and towers at an equivalent in value ice cream reserve.

Ready for more serious tests?
Go on a real journey through the lands of the Clean Line and get a guaranteed prize! Visit the corporate attractions of the Pure Line: a farm, a factory, an observation deck and a cafe.
When visiting each object, mark the map. A real paper map you will find at any of the points.
Image of the map:
Addresses of all points that need to be passed:

  • The Eskimo Tower (visit the observation deck Panorama 360 at Moscow,
    Presnenskaya nab., 2, shopping center “Afimall”).
  • Dairy land (visit the eco-farm at Moscow Region, Dmitrovsky District,
    н, деревня Klusovo)
  • House of seafood (visit a cafe at Moscow, Tverskaya, 5)
  • The Kingdom of the Cold (take a tour of the ice cream factory at
    Moscow Region, Dolgoprudny, Vinogradnaya, 13)

Visit the points in any convenient order. Have time to go through until August 31,2018.
For the passage of all locations you will be guaranteed a reward (for your choice):

  • A stock of ice cream with home delivery, that would survive the heat. Delivery is
    carried out in Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Trip to the observation deck Panorama360 (link to www.pnr360.ru) – 5 tickets. On
    the 89th floor you will find the world’s highest ice cream production line, and you
    will also see the capital from a bird’s eye view. In the ticket unlimited eating of a seal!
    Still have questions?

We will answer your questions by phone 8-800-550-73-02.

Also write to us: WELCOME@PNR360.RU

Vkontakte: https://vk.com/wall-71489088_2007

In the Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/BjZyFoMAZX5/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smotricity/posts/1597465610382710

All the details on www.igraplombirov.ruiv>

Получи скидку на билеты и узнавай наши новости первым
Choose the date and time of your visit

10:00 — 13:00
Adult 1400 1260 RUB
Child 1000 900 RUB


10:00 — 13:00
Adult 1400 900 RUB
Child 1000 700 RUB


Adult/Child 1600 RUB
Valid for 90 days
rom the moment of purchase


Adult 3700 RUB
Child 2500 RUB

The ticket includes:
Restaurant deposit
+ free entry to
the observation deck

От 2-х
до 5-ти человек

Будни 10:00 — 12:30
взрослый 900
детский 700
экскурсовод 300 с человека

Будни 13:00 — 21:00
Выходные и праздничные дни
взрослый 1400
детский 1000
экскурсовод 300 с человека

Choose the date
Another date
Choose the date
Another date
3. Choose the session
There are 9:00 tickets available for the chosen session 285
The time of the visit is unlimited.
You should go up to the 89th floor within 1 hour from the beginning of the selected session.
3. Choose the session
There are 9:00 tickets available for the chosen session 285
Продолжительность экскурсии 40-50 минут.
Время начала экскурсии 11:00. (*или 19:00 в зависимости от выбора сеанса)
Место сбора экскурсантов – гардероб 89 этажа.

There is no need to print your tickets! Show them on the screen of your phone

Безопасность гарантируем!
Соблюдаем все требования Роспотребнадзора

Choose the event

The most interesting events of the city happen on the 89th floor! Witness one of
the most exiting events while visiting the observation
deck PANORAMA360!

День города на высоте

7 сентября в 19:00

от 10 000 P

2. Choose the date
Another date
с 10:00 до 17:30
с 19:00 до 23:00

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